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I go to a neurologist in Seattle that specializes in MS. He tells me fatigue is not a symptom of MS! This is SOOO difficult for me to believe. You know and I know his other patients have complained about this. I don't understand.

  1. Hi! Thank you for sharing your experience. I am not a doctor, so while I can’t speak directly about your situation, I have MS and also know fatigue is a very common symptom that people experience. So you definitely aren’t alone in this! I am not sure if you are looking for information on how to manage fatigue, but just in case you are, here is an article that may help - Fatigue is something I experience and it can be challenging to manage, but I have found a mix of modifying my lifestyle and medicine to be helpful (not perfect, but it makes a difference). Have you found anything that has helped you so far? Aside from the fatigue, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🧡 Sam, Team Member

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