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First hot day with MS

Weather today 87, I was warned warmer weather would not be my friend and wasn't sure what to expect since colder weather wasn't either. Went outside a few times with my son then sat on the porch awhile but seemed like I'd have to keep coming in and cooling off because I'd be dizzy, I wasn't even doing anything or sweating. Anyone experience this with warmer weather or suggestions for summer? Btw, I was drinking water I've always good about that.

  1. Hi . This is a great topic with the warmer weather coming along. It was 87 degrees here in North Central PA as well. I hope you get lots of responses, but I thought I would share this article with you while you wait: Wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. we leve in FL it in the 90 here

    2. , Florida heat is on a whole other level, in my opinion. I live in the North, but I have a sister that lives in Florida. Do what you can to stay indoors in the AC and hang in there! Fall is coming!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

  2. Hot weather is my enemy. I didn’t know about heat intolerance until soon after my diagnosis when I was cooking and the kitchen heated up. I suddenly got weak all over and had to practically crawl to my living room, dropping down on my knees and calling for help. I didn’t know what had happened. Soon after I read about it somewhere, can’t remember where, but then I knew what happened. Since then I’ve learned I can barely take any heat. Sometimes just opening the oven almost drops me. Now I have cooling towels that I soak in ice water that I keep with me. I still have to be cautious though. I live in Texas and we can have 100 degrees weather for days on end in the summer.

    1. I live in Texas also. One time I was going from the vehicle to the house but it was like I melted in the garage like an ice cream cone. Since then my family offers me a wheelchair or a walker when I leave the van t go into the house during summer.
      at least the neighborhood Fourth of July party has been in our culdesac for years

    2. , that Texas heat is NO joke! I like your ice cream description; it's very vivid!

      And I am glad you have found a way to adapt and manage during the hottest months. I hope your neighborhood Fourth of July gathering continues in its current location and that this year's event is a great one!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

  3. You can try swimming, if you have a local YMCA or community pool. Swimming lowers your core body temperature & will keep you feeling "cooler" for several hours. It is also good exercise and will help you sleep.
    When I need to go out in 80+ degree weather, I wear a "cooling vest," hat & neck wrap with ice packs in it. You can find them at Polar Products:
    They are pricy, but VERY much worth it. There are free programs you can request polar products (w/ MS diagnosis) through MSAA: If you qualify, they will send you your choice of Polar products. I find these things help me in the Midwest heat!!
    Hope this helps, Kim

    1. Thanks for sharing the links, . The MSAA program is wonderful and has helped a lot of people who suffer in the heat. Wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

  4. I have to be really careful with the heat, I even have problems when I shower. If it is a little to warm I will start to go numb, when this happens I turn off the hot water and cool down. I live in Kansas and the summers are very hot, we carry a cooler with us everywhere. Most of the cooler is filled with frozen water bottles. After my diagnosis we got stuck in a traffic jam, it was 105 and our car was overheating if we had the air conditioner on. I didn't last long before I fainted, my husband grabbed a frozen bottle and put it on the back of my neck. I came to just as the traffic started moving, the frozen bottle was melted. I have tried some of the other products but the bottles work the best for me. Potter

    1. Oh yes! I forgot to mention in my comment below how the shower wipes me out too. I take cool to cold showers all year long. If warm water hits my head directly for more than a minute or so, I'm out of commission for hours. I have to take a full recovery hour after a shower, every time. I don't shower every day, I sponge bathe daily and take a full shower once a week or so.

    2. How scary, Potter (). I am glad you were not the one driving. Gentle hugs. - Lori (Team Member)

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