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Has anyone been forced to take FMLA?

I was forced to take FMLA this year. I did not request it. My walking had become more challenged but I was (and am) ambulatory. I was able to drive to work every day. Since becoming more sedentary at home, I discontinued my driving. I feel being put on FMLA caused me to lose function and a career I worked 18 years for. I am still angry 😠!!

  1. Lisa,
    very good question. I hope some members will jump in to tell their stories and hopefully answer your question.
    Thinking of you today! Janus

    1. Hey Janus,

      Thanks for the reply. I wait to read other MS’ers perspectives.

      Thanks for thinking of mr. Take care and be safe, Lisa

      1. Keep going never give up

        1. Thanks for the encouragement Charles!!! Still fighting everyday just s little angry about this issue. Anger is partly fueling my desire to keep going on !!!!

          Take care, Lisa

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