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Frustration with job and disability

I am newly diagnosed in June @ 57yrs and have been out of work since then I used up my sick leave and am now collecting NJ temporary disability benefits. An anonymous person sent disability a letter asking them to investigate my "alleged" disability because I went on vacation and went parasailing. I couldn't walk but nobody said I couldn't fly. Long story. The information in the letter was a breach of information from my personnel file. This isn't the first time. Besides having my money held up my reputation is at stake. I ha e filed a grievance with my employer. What are the laws to protect me

  1. Hi Patea. We're so sorry to hear everything you're going through. One of our contributors has a law degree and has written about applying for disability: The MS Society has a good resource on disability and MS: Ultimately, though, since your case sounds more like it deals with temporary disability benefits, it might be worth talking it all through with a lawyer if you can. Keep us updated with how everything goes. Wishing you the best. - Kelly, Community Moderator

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