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Good shoes for person with brace from foot sole to hip

Where can I look for shoes that open wide to allow brace on feet put into the shoe

  1. debracooperquinn, that's a great question! There are some brands specifically designed for braces, like Kizik and Orthofeet. Some of the tips I came across for making 'regular' shoes adaptable, is to go up a size and/or width to accommodate a brace, consider velcro (or zippers) over laces, and to consider high top shoe for added stability. And here's s a conversation from our forums on the topic of good shoe choices for AFO braces that I thought you might find interesting -- And, while I am not endorsing this site, perse, Zappos does has an adaptive section that may be helpful -- I hope these tips give you a place to start. Good luck finding the best shoe for you and your needs! Best, Erin, Team member.

    1. Hi , I am a little late responding but though I'd chime in. I've had some experience with the Nike FlyEase system and they have some options that definitely make it easy to put on your foot with a brace on it. I talk some more about it here: you can also check out some of their options here:

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