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Has your life with MS changed since the start of the pandemic?

The pandemic changed life for a lot of people, while COVID is still a threat, it has become more manageable and the world has opened up more. Some aspects of life are still impacted though. How has your life with MS been altered when compared to the time before the pandemic?

  1. Maybe it's just me, but it feels like the level of care and availability has gone down the drain a bit since the pandemic started. There are longer waits than there used to be for just about every doctor's appointment or test I need. I also know of several nurses that I'd regularly deal with that have retired or gone to different professions because of the pandemic and the experience level of those replacing them seems quite low.

    1. @ I second that. The pandemic broke something in healthcare...maybe it was being the brunt of everything. The nurses coming up the ranks were trained in a different world than I was. Much less face-to-face, "old-fashioned" nursing, where you got to pay attention to the patient, instead of the computer.

    2. I had COVID-19 three times. The worst was in March of 2020. I have not fully recovered to my level of activity or strength post covid.

  2. I went through 3 Ocrevus infusions during the pandemic, and my poor nurses were clearly not having a good time. I remember during my third infusion, my nurse was having difficulty breathing because of the mask she was wearing, and she was the only nurse on duty in a full room of infusion patients due to staff shortages. She was visibly stressed out, and none of us in that room could blame her. That's a dozen or so IV hookups, infusions, and overseeing the process of multiple drugs and flushes. She had someone come in to relieve her for a bit of a lunch, but as I understood it, this was someone from another clinic who came only for that purpose.
    It takes me at least a month to see my GP now due to almost every doctor at the clinic leaving the profession, and whereas pre-pandemic I could be referred to any other doc at the clinic, there simply isn't anyone anymore for immediate concerns.

    1. I was terrified of getting covid & asked all my friends to visit with me at a distance outside while wearing a mask. Sadly even the NMSS stopped providing our water class & the nurturing environment at our yoga/workout was closed. Thankfully our friends at Mindset in Ft. Worth, TX gave us free yoga & tai chi classes on Facebook. Chair yoga really helps me maintain the pain level. During 2020 that was a life line to me, doing chair yoga & two chi and I will always be grateful for that. Now post pandemic we have slowly begun to not wear a mask when we go out except to places heavily crowded. It has been a nightmare with my own paranoya adding to it. Only by the grace of God did I remain sane in a world gone crazy. I have learned not to listen to regular news but depend on news like Epoch times news who try to give information like real journalism should be done. Having infusions of Tysabri were put on hold for about six treatments, but I was able to have FaceTime visits with my neurologist, so that was a blessing. We all probably learned how to do many things online. Buying groceries and clothing and other needs became normal to shop online.
      Only by God's grace have I been kept sane & relatively healthy , of course the MS is a challenge all it's own. The MS didn't go away just because I found new ways to cope with the pandemic, but I think the uncertainty of MS and dealing with the surprises it wows us with has made me stronger because actually there was no other choice.

      1. Well, I’ve been hibernating since March 2020. Not going out eat & generally staying away from everyone. If I did go somewhere, I always had a mask on & would not take if off. Five weeks ago I got Covid. It hit me like a ton of bricks & I am just now feeling normal! Needless to say, I am going to every restaurant that I used to. I know I have immunity for a few months & I am going to take advantage of it! I’m pretty sure I will get another vaccine in a few months, but I don’t plan on hibernating again. Life is too short to live like that.

        1. , I remember commenting on another post of yours where you mentioned catching Covid. I think it's great that you are FINALLY feeling normal! Yay! Enjoy that immunity and do what's right for you!

          Best, Erin, Team Member.

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