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Help Wanted! A Wish List for the MS Community

For MS Awareness Month, I compiled a list of resources to help people manage daily living and household expenses. I also polled the MS community to see what people really need to live better. Here are the results:

  1. Thanks for sharing, @tracithau! - Shelby, Team

    1. @Shelby Comito, I hope people are able to find some useful resources😀

      1. Traci Thau,
        I want to thank you for this very impressive Wish List! The information provided is so important to us all...mentioning that many people remain healthy enough to remain in the workforce, but the reality is that many become cognitively or physically challenged, forcing them to shorten their work hours or leave jobs they might no longer be able to do....really hit home with me!
        This is information I will keep at hand for sure! Janus

        1. @Janus Galante, It was my pleasure to share this list! I've noticed on many of the online forums that people are really struggling with a lack of resources. I had to stop working a few years ago and it's a huge adjustment. My response was to try to do something useful to hopefully help others in the same position or to provide material for people to think about options in case info is needed in the future 😀

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