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How do I afford MS?

I don't know how to afford this disease. I am 45 years old, diagnosed 1/2008, never married, never had childeren. I was on AZ Medicaid, running smoothly for 2 years, then bombshell. Due to Obamacare my Neurologist stops accepting Medicaid patients, I get terminated from my 20 year career for not meeting a quota, and the stress makes me feel like the "Walking Dead". After the loss of my job I received assistance from the drug manufacturer while looking for another job with benefits. My doctor convinces me to apply for SSDI as "work is killing you". I find another Neurologist upon first appointment hands me a letter he too is dropping Medicaid patients. Boom another bombshell. Then I get a Medicare card and booklet describing a premium, copay, coinsurance, deductible. My Medicaid will end 4/1/2016. Now I need a neurologist, can't afford Medicare, and can't afford my prescriptions. I may as well crawl under a rock somewhere.

  1. Hi Azjackie,

    I'm so sorry that you've been hit with so many disappointments and challenges. I encourage you to keep approaching the drug manufacturer about assistance. Here are also some programs that may also be able to help. If you have the resources, you may also want to talk to your previous neurologist about potential discount for cash self-pay for visits. You may be able to negotiate a reduced rate.


    1. I can't address all the issues you raise above but I might be able to offer a suggestion for the medication. We ran into the same problem with my husband's medication and I found out the drug company offered medication assistance programs. We were able to apply for grants to help pay what our Medicare did not cover (which Medicare basically covered a small percentage, we still owed several thousand per month which was most of my retirement check). Without the subsidy, we could not have continued with the medication. Have you checked to see if your drug company might have such a program? Donna Steigleder, Moderator, Multiple

    2. Azjackie, I don't know if you follow us on Facebook but there is a new thread starting there today on affording MS medications that might be of interest to you. It's called "Where to Apply for MS Drug CoPay Assistance" It's written by Kim Dolce so if you don't do
      Facebook, just look her up in our community listing here and you can find it in her writings as well. Donna Steigleder, Moderator

  2. It's hard to believe the drugs cost that much! Why doesn't someone do something about this!? It's heartless! All people seem to care about today is money! How can anyone afford it!?

    1. GHansen2001, many can't without assistance from the drug company themselves which is why so many now offer scholarships or other financial programs. The research is very costly to conduct and many of the drug companies now are being heavily regulated and not doing as much as they once did to support outreach so it makes it all the worse. We just have to keep working toward promoting some type of healthcare reform that will help make these type of medicines accessible to those who have to have them. Keep checking with the manufacturer for possible support options in the meantime.

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