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How do people with MS who need financial help but dont qualify for it actually make it?!?! I am drowning in medical debt and rising insurance costs…

I am terrified of my future with MS…. Everything keeps going up…. I need financial help but i dont fit any “box”…. The MS society has no money to help either…. Who will take care of me? Who will take care of mom when the time comes? I am terrified… Please help!!!

  1. My heart goes out to you, . It's just not right that anyone should have to go without necessary treatment because they can't afford it. Do you have any insurance at all? Here are a couple of articles from one of our advocates about paying for MS care when you are uninsured or under insured:;; and I hope you find something here that helps. Thinking of you! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. , I am so sorry you are in this position. Times are definitely tough for so many people right now and I know many of our social safety nets are feeling the strain, too. My family has been in that "too much money to qualify for aid, but not enough money to live well" space in the past, so I know how very tough it can be!

      I think it's pretty normal to feel terrified and overwhelmed. Thinking about the future can be pretty heavy, to say the least. While the NMSS society may not have funds to help, they do have some pretty cool resources you can check out. They have trained volunteers and employees that can help answer some of your questions and help you navigate living with MS. I would check here and see if these programs can help in any way -- and --

      I hope this information helps and please know you are not alone in this.

      Gentle Hugs, Erin, Team Member.

      1. Sorry to hear this but know your not alone. It's been tough but sometimes we need to swallow our pride and ask for help no matter how much we hate it. I recently started to have to use our local foodbank. Local churches can help with bills and you don't have to belong to the church to ask for assistance. Also look to state and county assistance you may not qualify for help but they can give you ideas for temporary resources.

        1. Thank you for sharing your advice in obtaining financial help. It truly is not right that cost affects the kind of care that is necessary. It is very overwhelming when the medical bills keep piling on.
          -Kim (Team Member)

      2. Slow down.... take s few deep breaths. Now, seek out an MS SPECIALIST NEUROLOGIST. They make a HUGH difference in your therapy, and they can guide you and 'manipulate ' the system to get the therapy you need.. whether through manufacturer coverage, using a med outside of the box.. or some other clever way to reword your symptoms to maximize your coverage. Good luck, but don't go down the rabbit hole of depession.depression.. you WILL get through this.. take care.

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