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How do you cope with the emotional symptoms of MS?

  1. I’m 71, so I’ve had a lot of life experience as well as 15 years of psychotherapy, both of which make me a little more self-aware than I might be otherwise. (That and Lexipro and Cymbalta!) When I’m feeling intense emotions, I try to stop and think about what might be making me feel this way, both physically and psychologically. That is often helpful in gaining perspective. It is also very helpful to remember that everything is not about me and to think about what may be going on with people around me. But sometimes one just feels angry or sad, and that’s okay, too!

    1. Thanks for sharing, @poetgirrl! Feeling angry or sad is so okay! - Kelly, Team Member

    2. Music can be such an outlet!!! Thanks, @bandmom!!! - Kelly, Team Member

  2. Today, I'm coming out and declaring my ms is in remission and has been for many years. The neurologist calls me his lucky man and I concur wholeheartedly, I'm lucky to the extreme. I've not only dodging a bullet lucky, I'm dodging the atom bomb lucky.. I'm fit for a 65-year-old and love to exercise daily, My renaissance to better health comes purely by accident, happenstance if you will.I'm winning the the health lottery and what an absolute pleasure it is. Good luck to everyone. There are web sights that would remove this posting for a multitude of good reasons but

    1. Hi . Thanks for sharing with the community! Each person's journey with is different and that's what makes the community so great! - Kelly, Team Member

  3. Whenever I'm feeling down, I listen to music and spend time with my pets. Lying with my dog or cats can be very stress relieving. Yesterday, I celebrated my 2 years in remission.

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