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How long to hear results?

Curious as to how long most people had to wait to hear your results of an MRI? Mine was over a week ago and I have my follow up scheduled for next week. My patient portal has nothing, not even earlier tests such as my EEG and EMG.

Just curious as to what people experienced. If you already had a follow up scheduled, did they just wait until then?


  1. I would call your neurologist and ask what the findings are. I know that many neurologists don’t like to give news (especially bad news) over the phone. If that the case, make an appointment. Don’t wait for the doctor to contact you, contact them.

    1. Thanks. I have a telehealth appointment next week, maybe he is waiting for that to let me know. This has been quite the journey. While I have you here, so to speak lol, could I ask you if you have experienced the MS "hug"? For at least the past year, I keep having these episodes of tightening pressure in my chest, and I can feel it up into my throat. A lot of times it slowly builds in intensity and then diminishes and afterwards my back will really hurt. Does that sound like it could the "hug"?

      1. Hi . Have you mentioned this to both your primary care doctor and your neurologist? That could be the MS Hug. Here is an article that describes it: I do not have MS (My father did.), but I get a similar sensation that was diagnosed as esophageal spasms, brought on by stress. They can be incredibly painful, leaving doubled over in pain. If it happens again, try drinking a glass of ice water (like, really, really cold water). If it is an esophageal spasm, that should bring you immediate relief. There are so many health conditions that can cause similar sensations though that I would definitely bring it up to both doctors. I hope you get some answers soon. Best of all wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

      2. Thank you, I will try the water. I honestly thought at first it was gas or something. But then I really took time to notice how it feel during and how my body feels after. And I can wake up an have it before even eating or drinking, which makes me think not gas. lol

        The discomfort is definitely primarily in my chest, but it feels like the pressure spreads upwards towards my throat a bit and sometimes downwards too.

        Honestly, so many of my symptoms I have had for years, most notably numbness in my feet, but having blood work come back this past fall showing a low WBC made me wonder if it all ties together.

        Thank you for taking the time to respond. 😀

    2. ,

      I think it depends upon the policies and availability of information offered by your healthcare providers and the facilities where you had your MRIs done. For me, I know that the MRI center has me wait for a few minutes afterward the scans so that they can give me a disc of the images. Then the radiologist's report will be available on their portal in a few days. But my own neurologist doesn't discuss the result of the MRI/report until our next appointment which is sometimes months and months later. I always know the results before I've ever followed-up with my neurologist.

      But some doctors and facilities may not make it so easy to get reports. In which case, you might have to wait until your appointment, particularly if you have one scheduled soon after the testing. You could ask the MRI facility for a copy of the report. Or you could call your neurologist's office and ask if they have the results or will they insist that you need to speak with the doctor.

      I hope that you are able to receive some answers and results soon.

      Best, Lisa, MS Team Member

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