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I am having weird symptoms and all my research results say it's MS

Before I am told to visit a doctor, I want to mention that I've seen one, 2 neurologists, I a pain specialist, and an ophthalmologist. That and a few doctors for urgent care. I have been given mixed answers. Can anyone guide me here...

My first symptom was a weird sensation in my scalp. Like a chill/numbness that went away and kept on reappearing more and more frequent. Muscle spasms and heart palpitations too. So I my first immediate assumption was that it was either stress or anxiety, since I was sort of stressing during this time. Everything added for this to be a logical assumption. My pcp even said it's anxiety.

Then the symptoms got weirder. The scalp sensations changed and began feeling more "shock" like and a feeling of bubbles popping inside my head. It started to feel more the pain (irritation) than anxiety to be honest. Finally one day I felt a weird sensation in my scalp, that triggered every nerve in my head or something. It felt like a pop and it was something that stayed for days. I felt weird sensations in my scalp and face for weeks (like spider webs in the face feeling). I went to the ER and nothing came from it. Then I also woke up with vertigo out of the blue (never having this issue before). Then my eyes and scalp began to feel pressure like something was pulling back, especially when I sat leaning forward or with no back support. And finally my vision changed out of nowhere dramatically. I started seeing floaters and all sorts of weird stuff in my eyes. I went to a neurologist and ophthalmologist. I was told that physically I am fine in my eyes. The neurologist said it is most likely a migraine. She however referred me to a pain specialist who said it was occipital neuralgia.

Another neurologist said it's a migraine, but they both ignore when I tell them my other symptoms and downplay it heavily.

Now smaller issues I had are big issues. My former muscle spasms feel powerful now. It doesn't even feel like spasms. It feels like my muscles are trembling and I feel like it's my veins pulling everything at once and I'm feeling the pressure inside. When I lay down it starts and it feels like it's internal now.

This has been going on for two years now. I cannot believe it's anxiety because I was stressed sometime 2 years ago. I don't feel none of that. Just physical symptoms. And migraines make more sense, but these things are happening 24/7 and out of nowhere. It's just constant internal tremors, floaters in vision, pressure in eyes, scalp sensations, muscles spasms that feel powerful and internal, feeling of dizziness and sinking into the ground, and can't sit without something supporting my head because that makes these symptoms worse.

I know many of these symptoms are MS related. I've had mris done and neurologist said I'm okay, but I am just lost. It's 2 years and I can't escape this. I can't even sleep because I feel all these internal tremors

  1. Since we are not medical professionals and only have limited information, it would not be safe for us to make a medical diagnosis of your specific situation. There are just too many factors to consider when making such a determination. However, we can share with you information about MS which might help you identify for yourself ways to move forward in seeking further resources.

    Recently we had a group in our community discuss symptoms similar to the one you mention above occurring on your scalp on one of our forums

    and also on our Facebook page, there is an article out there this week about waking up to burning pain each day

    that you might find interesting. I hope you find these helpful. Also, though I know you have seen two neurologists, not all doctors are created equal. If they were not MS specialist, you might want to look again for someone who knows more about the uniqueness of MS.

    1. Hi Faisal, I been getting the same symptoms in the last 3 months and im really at a loss not knowing what it is. Been to a few doctors and they all seem to ignose and just think that it's anxiety.. which i refuse to accept. Let's keep it touch to see we can further research this issue and come to an unsderstanding of whats going on.. and find the right doctor and therapy.

      1. faisal - It's good that you saw a pain doctor. It helps if you have a pain management center that can help you. Then, you need to see another neurologist. You have to get to a neurologist that is going to work with you and you feel comfortable with going to. Don't give up, help is out there for you. Keep in touch.

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