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I need financial support in my life.

I need financial help because i did not work for a long time :more than 7 years since my diagnosis of M.S . I get a very small check of social security. I can hardly make a living.

Thank you.

  1. Hello ,
    Thanks for reaching out. MS can certainly take a toll both physically and financially.
    I'm sorry to hear how challenging it has been for you. I'm sharing a few articles that offer some information for financial assistance: and In addition, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society has resources available through this link: Lastly, I would recommend reaching out to your healthcare provider-depending on any prescription needs, many pharmaceutical companies have financial programs available.
    Always know this community is here for you, Doreen (Team Member)

    1. Thank you.
      Please, i need some shoes that help me with my balance. Also , i need a warm coat and purse.

      Thank you.

      1. thank you for sharing this here so that we can help to brainstorm some ideas to support you. Managing a chronic illness is hard, and the financial impact of it can present its own set of challenges.

        I was going to make the same recommendation as Doreen to check with local MS support groups or organizations that may have some assistance programs. I see that she recommended the National MS Society. There's also the MS Association of America Either of them should have some programs specifically for those living with MS.

        I would also encourage you to look outside of those organizations as well. A lot of community centers and churches have different programs, especially this time of year that could potentially help.

        We're thinking of you and glad that you're part of this community to support you as best we can virtually.
        - Alene, moderator

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