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I would like some thoughts and feedback from people with progressive MS

Dear MS Community, 
I am the daughter of a mom who passed away from MS more than 10 years ago. My mom's illness was always a mystery to me, and although she sought holistic healing, she never took medications to control her disease. I always get faces from people who ask how my mom died - they seem taken aback or skeptical when I say MS. But I watched my mom decline for 20 years. She was handicapped since I was 5 years old. Her cognitive function was severely impaired for who knows how long. We watched her decline rapidly in a period of two weeks - she lost her ability to eat and drink and speak, had what was probably a seizure or two, and then she died. Can anyone here explain to me how my mom passed away? If it wasn't MS, what was likely the cause? My family opted to keep her at home rather than prolong her suffering in a hospital. Anyone who has progressive MS or experts who understand the disease could help me resolve this question that lingers in my mind. 

  1. Hello @etadams1,

    May I first extend my deepest condolences on the death of your mother.

    To partially answer your question, I would like to offer you this article:

    I say partially because I am not a medical professional, but would advise you to speak with your mother's for more information. I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,
    Chris, Team

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