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I'm flipped out, please help!

Hello, I hope you are well. 3 weeks ago I went to my doctor because I couldn't shake a 4 day migraine. A neurological exam was conducted and it was determined that I had left sided weakness. My doc wanted to get a CT Scan of my brain to rule out things like stroke, bleed, tumour, and cancer. Things looked fine from there in the there was no evidence of any of those. Nonetheless an MRI was conducted today after only 2 weeks from the ER.

I am 62. Here are some of my symptoms at present: sexual dysfunction, bladder and bowel difficulties, migraine headaches, muscle weakness on one side, leg tremors especially while walking down stairs also in bed, huge involuntary muscle jerks in arm and leg on both side, trouble with vision (HUGE bright orange ball in the centre of visual field that may last 10-15 seconds}, also spasticity (my muscle are so tight), and trouble with walking in that i sometimes tilt to the left. I also have difficulty swallowing. Anyway I had an MRI today and am soooooooo scared it might be MS. I'm freaked, I'm scared. Has anyone else had some of these symptoms . Be honest with what you think about my situation. Thanks from Canada.

  1. I forgot to add that I get buzzing sensations in my legs when I lay down to sleep. I also have left sided scalp tingling, facial pain and a burning feeling in my ear.

    1. Hi, .

      First off, apologies for the delay in responding. Secondly, we can't offer amy medical advice or diagnoses, for your safety.

      That said, your symptoms do indicate that something is going on and whatever it is, it needs to be diagnosed and treated. I think your doctor is wise to have you do an MRI. And, I know the wait for test results can seem interminable. And, your symptoms could indicate MS or a number of other conditions. Your doctor will want to rule out any conditions that share symptoms with MS and here is some information about those conditions -- Also, a doctor will use multiple tests to diagnose MS and not just MRI results. You can read about the tests your doctor may use here -- So, I would definitely consider asking your doctor to do more tests and not just the MRI.

      I don't blame you one bit for freaking out. Almost every member of this community has been where you are. While some folks were diagnosed pretty quickly, I think almost everyone can relate to the weight for important test results. It's hard not to start falling down a "what if" rabbit hole and thinking of worst case scenarios. And, while MS is a serious diagnosis, it's not a death sentence. And, it can be challenging to treat, but many of our members maintain a good quality of life overall. It's not easy, but living with MS doesn't have to be a nightmare.

      Please know you are not alone here. And do update us on your test results and how you are doing overall, if you feel comfortable doing so.

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

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