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Has anyone with RRMS had any experience with MS combined with immunotherapy?

I have RRMS and was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has metastasized to my brain...looking for advice/experience/information regarding MS combined with immunotherapy..thank you☺️

  1. Hi, ! First off, I am sorry you are dealing with both MS and lung cancer. I hope you have a strong, knowledgeable medical team to partner with you and create a viable treatment option for you! We do have a sister site dedicated to lung cancer that you are welcome to check out -- Actually, here's some information on immunotherapy from that site -- And here's some insight from one of our contributors that deals with MS and lung cancer -- I hope you can find some useful information over there and again, I hope you find a treatment plan that works well for you! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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