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In limbo and not sure what to try next

This year has been a medical roller coaster for me. Started with shingles about 6 months ago and still have some pin and pain sensation from that.

About 4 months ago I my finger tips started to hurt and soon after I notyiced the same pain in my feet. I decided to go to the doctors. Shortly after I started to get a number of different problems.

Finger tip and toe pain
Toes have gone numb
Patch of back went numb
Extreme Fatigue
When I sneeze and breath deeply I get pins and needles through my arms
Double vision
Loss of balance
Tremor that comes and goes in my hand
Dropping things
Intense muscle twitches
A weird icy hot sensation over my body at random times - A lot of discomfort

Tests and results
Blood work for everything just about - vitiamin D deficiency
CT scan -normal
EEG - normal
MRI - normal (although I might want a second opinion as a contrast patch seems visable and put of place with the contrast)
Went to eye docotos -everything fine

So not really sure what to do. Kinda looking to just bent as well.


  1. buddyball,

    I'm sorry to hear about all of your recent symptoms and changes. Being stuck in 'limbo' is the worst. I personally was in limbo for a little over a year. Have you seen an MS specialist or general neurologist? Have you asked about a Spinal Tap? Or is that the blood work that you were referring to?

    Due to the "McDonald Criteria" for MS diagnosing, you have to have certain things present in order to be diagnosed.

    There is a link on there to view the PDF of the updated criteria.

    I know this is a difficult time and you want answers to the chaos that is going on. However, MS can be a difficult illness to diagnose at times.

    I hope this info has helped you out - Please let us know if we can help you any further. I hope others in the community can also give their input as well.

    Ashley Ringstaff Moderator

    1. I haven't a spinal tap yet. Docotor wants to try and stress EKG next. I think she was surprised to see a clear MRI too. I still have heard back from nuerology, which I feel is they next step. Lately my right side of my face has evening getting tingles too. I'm happy if it's not MS but still wondering what next

      1. I hope you hear back from neurology very soon, buddyball! I don't blame you for being concerns about the diagnosing process and I do hope you get definitive answers and diagnosis very soon! Please keep us posted, if you feel comfortable doing so!

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

      2. I can completely relate to the facial tingles unfortunately. I do understand where you just want ANSWERS. You know that what you're going through isn't 'normal' but you don't have an answer as to why you aren't 'normal'

        Ashley Ringstaff Moderation Team

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