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Initial Symptoms

I am new to this community, and I haven't been officially diagnosed with MS yet. I am waiting on a neurology appointment, and we know how long that can take. So while I anxiously wait, I am curious to know what initial signs and symptoms have led to others' diagnosis of MS?

  1. Hi angkPT! Welcome to the community! I do hope you are able to see the neurologist in a timely fashion, although I know the wait for first appointments can be significant.

    In addition to any community feedback you may receive, I wanted to share some information about what various members have said about the initial symptoms they experienced. For each individual, it's been a bit different. Some individuals have experienced issues with vision, which you can read about here -- Some people deal with balance or dizziness issues from the start -- and Honestly, many different initial symptoms may occur. You can read more about them here --

    Again, I hope you can get an appointment and a definitive diagnosis very soon!

    Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.

    Best, Erin, Team Member

    1. My first symptoms were extremely cold feet that "felt really weird" like my skin had gotten thick or something...this was quickly followed by tingling and what I now describe as wearing glittery socks. After 2 weeks I experienced blurred vision, speech issues, loss of balance, loss of coordination, fatigue and mood swings.

      1. My symptoms that lead to diagnosis were numbness in part of my face and loss of taste in part of my tongue. I also had urinary symptoms but did not immediately associate those with MS. 2 months later I developed a tremor in my face. That was when the neuro said now I have “multiple” attacks so it is likely MS.

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