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Is it MS as my neurologist brushed off there is nothing wrong

Hello All,

I am new here and not yet been diagnosed with MS. After going through lot of posts here I am not sure what's going on with me as I have couple of symptoms that bother me. I had seen a neurologist but he brushed away saying I am fine. I have numbness in my upper body. When I say numbness I can feel touch, scratch, hot, cold but when I pinch I feel thick skin and decreased sensitivity and sometimes no pain. When I move suddenly I lose control for a span of second. I have pain in my left face near the eye. I have tingling feeling in my little and ring fingers in both hands and sometimes in feet too and I don't have diabetes. I had severe pain in my left arm, elbow and neck from past 8 months. I even had a blurred vision for couple of weeks but it was normal later. MRIs came back normal and EMG test to my left hand is also normal. My B12 blood test came back on lower normal range. From past two weeks I have pain in my neck all the way to the middle of my head and it's worse during day time and the decreased sensation while pinch is really bothering me.

I am planning to go for a second opinion to check if these are the early symptoms for MS or I am already going through it. Your inputs are really helpful to me.

  1. Hi pravsa! I think it's wise that you are seeking a second opinion. There are a number of conditions that have symptom similar to MS. Your neurologist should make sure you are not dealing with one of these conditions. You can read more about them here -- Regardless of whether you have MS or not, obviously something is going on and it needs to be addressed and treated. I hope you get some firm answers very soon! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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