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Juggling potential caregiving with career change

I am somewhat new to the MS care giving scene, with my wife recently having a major relapse with her MS as a result of her recent pregnancy. She is currently undergoing rehabilitation to build up her strength and mobility. I am hopeful she will make a recovery, but I am also acutely aware she may not get back 100%. Therefore between how well she recovers and future relapses,I am accepting the fact that I will need to take on more of a caregiver role. However I am also at a crossroads where I want to change my career after working 15 years in IT and burnt out and needing a change. I have the opportunity to complete a degree in Environmental Science and possibly change careers 2-3 years from now. This career change would have a drop in income too. So my question is should I stay with the current IT career instead of the Environmental Science one, because it will provide more income and the possibility to work remotely to help as a caregiver? I feel guilty about wanting to do this career change, when my focus should be 100% on my wife and our daughter. Any advise from caregivers in similar situations would be most helpful as I try to weigh up my options.

  1. Hi Saffie,
    I just read your post. You seem like a very nice concerned person.

    As a wife with MS, I know a little about a spouse who works and helps me at the same time.

    If, as a husband, you hate what you are doing for a career, it will eventually trickle down into your marriage and family life.

    As human beings, we can't help feeling resentful, if what we want out of life is held back because of someone else. Even if it from no fault of their own and it was not done intentu ally.

    You should look into your dream. There are ways to make things happen. Maybe college courses on line to get started and keep your current career. Maybe a little down sizing to lower living expenses when the time is right. Things may even get so much better, you may laugh at being worried about it.

    I think a conversation with your lovely wife is in order. Start there.
    You don't want to say to yourself 20 years from now..should have, would have, could have.

    Good Luck to you and yours,

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