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Uggh! Right leg Knee pain - anyone else have these leg problems?

I was diagnosed in February 2019 & two weeks later started on Aubagio. Up until recently, my only symptoms were my eyes and incontinence, but now have trouble bending my leg like if I were trying to take a large marching step the other thing is I can feel that the muscle in my leg behind the knee is very tight and this has been like this for a month and I'm concerned because I may be losing flexibility all together and it can't be lack of exercise I've been an avid walker for a while prior to MS to current (& yes I recently went for my second-year checkup at the neurologist and will soon have the scheduled MRI).

The question may seem silly to ask but has anyone had a problem like this with their leg and if so are you still able to walk?

  1. Hi , muscles stiffness can be a difficult symptom, and one you should mention to your neurologist, as it could very well be MS related. There are definitely options that your doctor can help you explore to help relieve it, like medication PT, or even medical marijuana. I personally tend to get spasms more than stiffness, but I do have times where my legs are super stiff and unmovable. The phrase "stiff" doesn't even seem to do it justice because it doesn't convey just how painful it can be. Like I said though, there are options out there that can help though!

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