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Does leg pain hurt when you touch your skin and feel it in your bones?

My leg hurts and my foot tingles. When I rubbed my leg it hurt so bad all the way down. Is that normal for me? I am not sure, thank you.

  1. Hi ! Many of our members experience leg pain and tingling in their feet. I do not have MS (My father did.), so I am not the best person to answer that, but I want to share this article with you while you wait for answers from others in the community. It is from one of our advocates, who talks about having both pain and numbness in her legs: Sending you lots of warm wishes! – Lori,, Team Member

    1. Hi kimmmmy, the pain and sensations you describe are definitely common ones for MS. I can personally relate to having leg pain, both deep in the muscle and simply touching the skin. Nerve damage is the cause of MS-related discomfort and all kinds of strange sensations. Other things can cause them too, and a professional can help you sort it out.

      So if you haven't already, you ought to inform your doctor about these symptoms. Together you can determine the cause and treatment.

      I hope you'll find some answers and relief very soon. Best, Kim, moderator

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