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Less stress helps my wife

Hi. My wife has secondary progressive MS. She has always been an anxious and stressed person which in turn can cause her symptoms to increase. Her right hand has always fought her whenever she tries to just hold it out straight that's until this last few months when she found a meditation page on TikTok (monkeymind meditation) a monkey puppet called Jomo.

Sounds ridiculous, I agree, but I've seen the difference with my own eyes and felt the need to share just in case it can help at least 1 more person settle their anxiety just enough to make a difference. Now she can hold both arms and hands out with just a little twitchy finger and wrist. Nowhere near as bad as it was just a few months ago. She even puts her hands together without the right trying to break the left. It truly is awesome the change in her.
Don't get me wrong she I on medication and a monthly injection she does at home. Not sure if you can share what meds you take but I guess you will know which 1 it is that begins with a K. She is a mod for the page now and shares freely the fact about how it helped her. She's jo. You will find her if you ever try the lives on monkeymind meditation on tiktok .
I know not many people will try it because you automatically assume you have to sit a certain way and hum or chant but this is nothing like that at all. So calm and kind and safe . It's a beautiful thing and like I said amazing to watch my wife less stressy and anxious which then eases off some symptoms that were controlling her so much.
Please just check it out and see if it can help you or your partner.
Hope it does help atleast 1 more warrior here.
This is jomo. Just so you know you have the right page

  1. Thanks for taking the time to share a part of your wife's story and what has helped bring her a bit of relief, ! I like that you mention that meditation doesn't have to look like people may think it should. It's definitely not sitting in a lotus position and chanting 'ohm' for hours!

    Thanks again for your sharing and I hope your wife continues to see positive results from her meditation sessions.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Thanks for sharing, ! I'm definitely going to look into this! I enjoy learning and hearing of new meditations and this one sounds so interesting! It's different and I like that! Thanks a lot! -Latoya (Team Member)

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