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Living with MS.

I'd known for around 8 years ago that something was wrong with me. I was having a lot of trouble with balance and walking very far. I was a water treatment specialist, and I was used to extremely busy days installing and repairing commercial treatment equipment. I loved doing the work and I was considered to be a expert level. I would do a large amount of copper plumbing and running PVC drain lines. What I'm saying is after wondering what was wrong, not being able to get up and stand at the top of the step ladder. But after seeing a neurologist about it and then I told him that I had vertigo and he said vertigo?? I was seemingly just going through the motions. Until two and a half years ago I saw a neurosurgeon that was treating my wife. And he x-rayed my spine. Then he looked at all of MRI's. At my next visit he asked me "how do you even walk?" I founded out from him that I have severe scoliosis. Then he said my cervical MRI was textbook MS. I said that if that's what's going on I was going to go on a medical retirement. There wasn't any way I could continue doing my job safely. So he sent me to a beuracracy that specializes in MS. She did the official diagnosis. So now it has progressed badly. But I'm thankful that I can still walk. I have to use a rollator for longer distances but I can walk. I've found that with my faith in the Lord that I will go on walking and it also helps me when otherwise I might get in a state of depression. Well that's pretty much my story. I was diagnosed over two years ago. So I've actually had this for over ten years now. God bless everyone that's fight this disorder 🙏

  1. Hi . Your diagnoses must have been quite a shock to you. It sounds like you made a wise decision to medically retire from your career. I am glad you have your faith to lean. Please know that we are also here for you whenever you need support or a safe place to vent. Thanks for sharing your story. Wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

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