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Looking for friends

Hi everyone 👍, as you know I’m new to this forum so I’m just feeling my way round. I’ve had MS for a good while now and I’m finding it really difficult, I’m not getting any help from anyone so dealing with this really gets me down. I’ve tried talking to my doctor but he just passes me off to other professionals and when i see them it’s just pure negativity, I’m going to follow this forum with hope of talking to other people with the same conditions as myself and hopefully learn things that may have passed me bye. At this moment in time it’s really hard because my MS is digging in and coarsening me problems but the worst thing is my landlord has given me 4 weeks to leave my flat because he’s selling up and when i involved the council they said i wasn’t a priority so there wasn’t anything they could do, so in a few weeks from now I’m on the street with MS and confined to my wheelchair. Not a lot of justice in the world these days ( well that how it feels anyway) .

  1. Hope1- I'm looking for friends too! I'm sorry about your apartment problem. I didn't realize they were still doing condo conversions. I have had to go through four apartments doing a condo conversion on their tenants. It is heartbreaking to have to leave your home. Worse when there is a deadline. I remember those frantic days. Our last apartment that we had, we were planning on staying there until he retired and we could move out of the area. On December 15, we received a letter saying Merry Christmas now. get out. They told 960 tenants that they have until January 15 to be moved out. Of course, it was ridiculous expecting everybody to find a new apartment when there were not that many places to choose from that had available apartments plus there were elderly and disabled people that had lived there from the beginning. Since everybody hadn't vacated the premises on time, 960 tenants were sued. Just dandy. The Washington Post heard of our predicatment and had a picture of our building and a long story. Wow, the Social Security and local community organizations stepped in to at least assist the elderly and disabled. One of them had a stroke and was hospitalized. I think after that article, everybody was given different departure dates when we had to be moved out. What a mess that was looking for apartments in the cold and snow. Most of them had long waiting lists that wouldn't do anybody any good. We had to move further away than we intended just because there were vacancies. I really don't like living here, but like MS, that is, unfortunately something we have to endure.

    1. @Hope1 I'm so sorry to hear that you are also about to lose your apartment. Have you tried contacting your local MS group to see if they know of any apartments buildings that are MS friendly? That might help in your selection process. I know you have a lot going on right now but once the dust settles, we hope you come back to join us on a regular basis. We have lots of stuff going here in blogs and forums, plus on our Facebook page--something always in the works so you don't ever have to feel alone. Good luck with apartment hunting. Hope you find something quick. Donna Steigleder

      1. Thank you for your support I’ll try and check in when i have the chance. I went to the doctor today to see if i could chat with him about any new treatment that may be worth trying because my symptoms are getting worse and becoming a nightmare but all i got from him was a chance too increase the medication I’m already on. It’s very disappointing too know that everyone in the medical profession has given up helping. I know I’m not the all one this has happened too but if anyone has had the same experience but has found an alternative I’m all ears.

        1. Hi Hope1, I haven't heard from you for awhile. Did you have any luck with going to your doctor and having him try a new treatment? I seem to have the same trouble with my neurologist. I'm tired of the monthly Tysabri infusions, but can't be changed to something else. I have looked around at the different treatments, but with all their side effects, it really doesn't seem to be much choice in changing to something that is nearly the same. I have had trouble with pain and more pain. Instead of changing to something different, I just get an increase in the amount of the dose. So here, I am still on Tramadol and Gabapentin. So, how are you doing these days? Carol

      2. @Hope1 😢

        1. Hi Hope,

          I know it can be frustrating to go to neurologist. Patients are pretty much interfacing with their PAs. I thought you were going to try to see a new neurologist - second and third opinions can be helpful. Have any of them suggested anything that would help with your symptoms?

          And how about where you were living? Are you still being evicted and is there any way that anybody can help to stop them from doing this to you?

        2. Hi Hope1,
          I see it's been awhile since you've posted and am concerned. How are you now? Please keep in touch with us. Warmly, Janus

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