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Menstrual Cycle and MS

A question from one of our members- Kimber

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays. May you continue to be strong and blessed. Recently, as you may know I was diagnosed with MS (May 9th, 2013 -5 days before my birthday - what a great gift) LOL. But in the past few months something strange has been happening and I am hoping that the wonderful women on this site will help me with this issue. Sorry men!!!

Is it me or do your symptoms worsen around the time of the month. I have (and so has my husband) noticed that a few days before my cycle the following things begin: Sensations galore, heavier legs, more spasms, eye twitching and aching and more tingles. Has anyone noticed this and if so what are you experiencing? Also How do you cope?

  1. Yes! This does absolutely happen to me. Even when my symptoms aren't bad, I still get small flare-ups right around the time I'm PMSing. It makes everything that much harder, you know?

    1. Hi my name is Katie and I was diagnosed in March of 2013. Yes I have the same issues when I get close to starting my period or during it. To me every part of my body is on seems to be more "Amplified" when it is that time of the month. I have yet to find anything that helps. I also have Fibromyalgia and am going through the change to top it off. I currently am taking Gabapentin for the pins/needles, muscles spasms and all over pain. I know that hot baths are not recommend, but I do take a bath with Lavender Epsom Salt and that helps some too. I hope this was helpful and you can try to get some relief.

      1. I have no answers I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago, so this was a helpful read.

        1. I have issues with the MS symptoms flaring up when it's that time of the month. It's beyond painful and frustrating.

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