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Monocular diplopia

Hi, question for you guys. Has anyone here had monocular diplopia as a symptom. This is when you still see double even if you close one eye, it's like ghosting. I have bilateral moncular diplopia along with more symptoms than I can count but this is weirdest. My vision isn't blurred just that both eyes see double independently. I also went to 2 different opthalmologists who said my eyes were healthy and there's nothing wrong with them.

Thanks and take care.

  1. Hi Hassl3! While I know a number of our members have mentioned issues with their vision, including diplopia, I have not read any posts specifically about monocular diplopia. You can read about some of the more common vision issues people with MS may face here -- And here are a few personal stories from our members that include their experiences with diplopia -- and and If you ever want to share more about your unique experience, please don't hesitate to do so! All of our members can learn from each person's unique MS journey. And I do hope you get some relief from this issue! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I also have bilateral monocular diplopia. My prescription changes roughly every 2-3 months since it started and it hasn’t stopped changing yet. Stress aggravates it a lot. The doctors have not found the source, and they admit it could be both bilateral monocular as well as binocular but they say “that’s like winning the lottery”. I have an abnormal VEP which they tell me to ignore. Every optho I’ve gone to says my eyes are completely healthy. My prescription changes, however, show a spike in farsightedness that slowly returned to normal over roughly 8 months, but the axis of my astigmatism has completely changed location and power — more than a 90 degree change. Also my OCT shows curvature of the right eye from the normal double-hill to a single hill, but all the doctors have green-red disease and told me the OCT was normal because they just look at the averaged “green” values. When I review OCTs of people who had optic neuritis, the curve and green averages look the same. Also, the doctors interpret white sectors as normal, but I recently found out that it indicates that sector is swollen. It’s difficult to find doctors who actually have had real OCT interpretation training... and you’d be shocked to learn all my doctors are at one of the most notorious hospitals around... sometimes I think it’s getting the right doctor no matter where you go. I have not been diagnosed yet although every classic test has come back positive for MS (mri, oligoclonal, vep); but doctors also investigating neurosarcoidosis. Hope this helps. I just had another OCT but don’t have results yet. If this truly is a thing in MS, I wish they’d recognize it in the literature. Being treated near-abusively by arrogant neuro-opthamologists is zero fun.

      1. Followup:

        “Monocular diplopia due to a central cause is rare. Certain tumors (i.e., pituitary neoplasms) can produce a large scotoma caused by compression of macular nerve fibers that can lead to fixation errors, placing part of the image on the normally functioning macula and part on the macula corresponding to the compressed fibers, transmitting a displaced image. It can also occur in the setting of lesions that separate the receptor components of the occipital cortex or cause dissociative lesions between the frontal eye fields. Conjugate eye deviation due to cerebellar or vestibular lesions may produce episodic horizontal monocular diplopia [3].“

        Also, my latest discovery on the topic is an EEG showing dysfunction in the BA8 (Frontal Eye Fields) area of the brain.

        1. Hi batkol,

          Thank you for the reply and I am sorry it took this long to get back to this. I made this post and completely forgot about it. Bad memory and brain fog is a constant with me. I am still struggling with this and it is getting worse. Still the have monocular diplopia but now lights are blaring and my farsightedness is getting worse even with glasses. Doctors dont want to investigate further... very frustrating. How are you doing?

      2. Hi I know this is an old post. I have recently had something very similar happen to me I get double vision but only in my right eye. My left perfectly fine. I wanted to know if you got anywhere and if they classed it as a symptom of ms
        Thank you

        1. Hi pixiedragon,
          thank you so much for posting, and it's a great question you ask. Thought maybe these articles might be of help:

          I would strongly encourage you to seek out help with your doctor or optometrist (if you haven't already.) Just to be safe and protect your vision.

          Please keep us posted...Janus

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