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More New lesions too soon after ms diagnosis

Hello guys

First of all thank you in advance for your support. This is my first time posting in this forum so apologies if it’s not the right landing page.

A close family member was diagnosed with MS late last year end of November. He had a couple of active lesions at his first mri and a few tests were done leading up to the diagnosis..
. Since this was the first Attack, his doc advised he could “monitor” the situation for about 2 months and before going on drug modifying drugs. This was a sigh of relief to us and he went on a wahls level one diet (no gluten, diary, ton of veggies and fruits) to help his symptoms and disease progression. Everything was going so well without any relapses. All of a sudden he felt slight symptoms over The Weeknd and his newest mri shows one new lesion. We don’t know how to respond to it— he had been doing everything in his power and we didn’t expect to have new development in such a short time (less than 3 months)
Is there any truth to all these articles and forums talking about people who have successfully reversed MS ?
I don’t know if anything in his diet is causing it either.
Sorry for he long post. Any help is really appreciated.

  1. Hi shruthi1!

    I am sorry your family member is dealing with MS issues!

    It sounds like he has been doing everything in his power to manage his MS. We have a couple of phrases that come up a lot in this community. One is "what works for one person may not work as well for another". MS is considered a 'snowflake' disease, meaning everyone has a unique experience with the disease. They may have different symptoms, different relapses, different triggers, and they may respond very differently to the exact same treatment as someone else. No two people have the exact same MS experience. While the Wahl's diet may help some, it is not a cure for MS. And that brings me to another common phrase here -- "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". I don't EVER want to crush someone's hope when it comes to MS and if a person finds something that really does work for them, then go ahead and stick with it! But, there is NO cure at this time for MS. While individuals may experience LONG remissions with no active MS symptoms, that doesn't mean the MS went away.

    How I wish there were a known cure for MS! If there were, believe me, the world would know about it. No one would be able to keep it a secret!

    Your family member should not feel guilty about his MS. He did nothing to cause it and he did NOTHING to cause more lesions to appear.

    It's okay (and normal!) for a person to feel stressed and overwhelmed by a diagnosis like MS. It's okay to take some time to re-group, research, and seek second opinions (if needed). Here is a piece on being newly diagnosed that your relative may appreciate reading --

    I hope your relative is able to find a treatment option that works best for him and that he has a strong support system to be there for him throughout his MS journey. Based on your post, it sounds like he does have some good family support! I think it's great that you have reached out on his behalf.

    Thank you for posting here and I hope this information is helpful for you and your relative!

    Best, Erin, Team Member

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