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MRI findings

Good morning, I had my MRI 2 days ago and the findings of this are of something other than MS. I'm confused because of all of the other symptoms that I had pointed directly to Ms. Such as the facial, mouth and tongue numbness, weakness on the left side vision loss on the left side.

The findings; Abnormal areas of deep white matter T2-weighted signal consistent with small-vessel ischemic change.

If anyone can help me understand why this was the diagnosis instead of what I feel like it really is, what do I do next, where do I go next, what type of doctor do I go to next?

  1. Not sure what to say except, there might be a spinal tap test and to get a second opinion. Doctors are only "practicing medicine" they do not know everything. Trust your gut and see what might be a more definitive test. With the eye problems and the left side problems it is exactly what I had however, as said no 2 people are the same. So hang in there. Believe me this is not something you want to hear. Although I have no idea what your results mean.

    1. Hi . I wish the MRI had given you more definitive answers. Have you discussed the results with your neurologist yet? Regardless of the cause, a neurologist would be the doctor to see. If this doctor can't tell you what the MRI results mean and how they might be causing your symptoms, you might want to consider a second opinion. Sending lots of hugs and the best of all wishes your way. - Lori (Team Member)

      1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this reply! I read one other time to get a second opinion about a radiology report. Perfect absolutely perfect idea! That precisely what I will do!

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