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MS Benefit


my name is krystle yeager. i lost my job a yr ago. then 6 months later i was diagnosed with MS. its been very tough trying to pay for the medical bills. so my family is putting together a benefit bull roast to help raise money to go toward my medical expenses. they are looking for any kind of donations that could be auctioned/raffled off the help. if you could help out in anyway it would be greatly appreciated. thank you for taking your time to read my story and hope to hear from you soon.


krystle yeager

  1. krystal, It sure sounds like a very rough year for you. I'm so sorry you have had this double-whammy hit you and your family. I am guessing you don't live close to Ohio, do you? Otherwise I would be happy to come out and support this effort. Good luck with the bull roast - I hope it is very successful. - Laura

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