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MS CAUSE: MS SoftServe (a 501c3) customized learning for people with MS.

MS SoftServe is a 501c3 nonprofit (Softserve Matters is the registered name) that will bring customizable learning about Multiple Sclerosis to the Internet. With funds raised, MS SoftServe will build a learning website for those living with MS that is unlike any existing site. The site will allow the person with MS to set preferences that will establish what they want to learn in the way they want to learn it. Having the opportunity to individualize the learning experience will prevent the person from learning information they don't need to know (being that MS is completely unique for each person) therefore reducing anxiety that is often a deterrent from learning. They will also be able to set the preferences for "how" they want to learn. Be it, watch a video, listen to an audio file, or read a pdf. The site will also provide a way for the person with MS to teach those in their community about their version of the disease, by using a personal url with that information. Please click here to see a descriptive video. The website at is a place that will hold a fundraising site that we've almost completed and will go live in the next month.

  1. Amy, your concept and website sound great. Good luck with the site and with this opportunity for some extra funds. ~Laura

    1. MS SoftServe is an excellent way to support a new and exciting endeavor to help the MS community. They will provide a service unlike any other, taking another step forward in helping others feel less confused, isolated and frustrated. After being diagnosed in the "Dark Ages" before the Internet, the prospect of MS SoftServe seems thrilling to me.

      Thanks, Amy, for all of your hard work.


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