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Driving with MS

I am new here, and just wanted to say hi to everybody, so, hi. But, there is something that I am experiencing, that I am curious if anyone else has the same issue. Lately, my feet have become very numb, to the point where my feet will slip off of the gas pedal, or barely press the brake, when I am driving. This is very scary, and I have stopped driving because of it. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing, and if so, do you have any suggestions, information, or advice for me?

  1. Welcome to the community, ! You will find lots of great information and supportive people here. Please feel free to contact any moderator if you need help as you explore the community. Hopefully, you will get some helpful responses to you question. I am sure the numbness must be both frightening and frustrating. Have you talked with your neurologist about your feet? The numbness might be due to a flare or it might be here to stay, It is hard to know for sure. The good news is that hand controls are easy to install in most any car and not terribly expensive. So numb feet doesn't mean your driving days are over. Here is an article from one of our advocates that explains the numbness that can come with MS: I hope this helps and that you are able to drive safely and confidently again soon. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Thanks Lori for hope.

  2. Hi here's something I wrote about driving safety a while back that might be helpful for you:

    Best wishes, Tamara (author and MS community advocate)

    1. Same thing happened with me and I stopped driving. Now I'm socially isolated and need to do something about it before it's too late. I'm sorry I couldn't help.

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