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My Name is Marie and I just turned 41 in Feb. I believe I have had MS since 2003 but was not officially dx until around 2009. I was taking copaxone but have been off all my meds for close to three years and have been stable thus far. Over a year ago I participated in my first MS walk on the Cape 50 miles where I raised close to $1000 without a team. I did the two day completing something I have never done before and without training. My biggest battle at times is word finding, blank stares and major fatigue with numbing and tingling. This yeareven though I live in MA I am participating in the MUCKFEST in Philly June 9th--my team is Mucker Puckers! My sister is coming out to support me and the cause for a cure. Our goal is to raise 600+ anything contribution to our team would be awesome. I one day want to be MS FREE without worrying my children (6mos and the other 2 years) will not have me active because of MS progressing.....😀 Thanks! Marie

  1. That is awesome - not only the money raised, but pushing to do something you have never done before. Muckfest? We have that here too in the Ohio Valley Chapter - it sure looks like a good time. Good luck. Laura

    1. Thanks Laura! I am excited about doing the Muckfest...i know I will not be able to run like my partner and sister and family but at least I am grateful I can walk and do what I can. I refuse to allow this disease to hold me back from living life...I just can't!

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