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MS Support Group High Park Toronto

I am a recent member of this wonderful group which meets every 2nd Saturday.

My name is Laurence. DX 1997 PPMS Employed until 2000. Committed to a wheelchair in 2005.

Apart from Multiple Sclerosis I enjoy pretty good health.

Began this forum on speculation that other members of our group might find it and other forums and info, useful.

Will see what develops ...............

  1. Hey Larry!

    Of course I'm the first one here! I think this is a great idea!

    - Penny

    1. Hi Penny, thx

      Too bad the Cdn Society doesn't have this

      There is quite a bit of info here as well!

      1. Hey, this is good - good for me, hope others will enjoy -

        Why I Ride
        Posted by Christie Germans—October 10th, 2013


        1. Another article which excites me:

          FDA Approves Unique Stem Cell Therapy Trial in MS Patients
          Posted by Lisa Emrich—August 28th, 2013

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