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MS WINGMEN & 2013 Fundraising

WHY I WALK/VOLUNTEER? I was an Active Duty AF members w/15 years and I fought to the end to remain on active duty so I could retire at 20 yrs. Because Nov 2005 came as a “Huge Eye Opener”…life has been nothing short of challenging since then. I'm a single parent w/2 very active young boys and right then I decided that even though I have MS, it doesn’t have me. Therefore, I have devoted all of my available resources to make sure others do not become a victim to this devastating disease.
With the assistance of My family, Friends and Co-workers, I was able to form 2 teams...Amy's Animals in Wyoming/Colorado and NOW...MS WINGMEN w/the Ohio Valley MS Chapter in Dayton, OH. Over the last 7 years, I have been able to raise over $40,000 to help fund important research, which WILL FIND a CURE!

One Day MS = Mystery Solved!

Thank You to All My Family and Friends that have supported Me and the National MS Society...You're support will never be forgotten!

"I'm Honored to Walk By Your Side!"


  1. Amy, that is one impressive effort, with also parenting and working. I hope this year will continue to be a big success for you.- Laura

    Ps I love the Mystery Solved

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