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Multiple Sclerosis and climate change

I am 58 years old and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1992. I have secondary progressive MS and am almost tetraplegic but do have minimal movement remaining in my left arm. Before My body gave up altogether, I decided that I wanted to go to college to pursue an education that I never had when I was younger.

Ironically, if I am successful I will be awarded an MSc! To complete my course I need to submit my thesis quite soon and as I am dong the course on climate change and society, I am doing my thesis on how climate change will affect people with MS

As part of this I have developed a questionnaire, following college ethics guidelines and I would obviously like to get as many responses as I could. I was wondering would it be okay to post a link to the survey here, or is there anyone who could advise me on the correct procedure to follow.

I believe the temperature has a very central role in a MS and I would like to explore how people are currently affected and what the future may hold.

Thanks in advance

  1. Hi Paul, I may be overruled, but I think it's OK to post the link to the questionnaire here! This is a subject that has concerned me for a bit too. I've written a little on it elsewhere: (I understand should this site wish to remove this link).

    If you don't end up posting it here, kindly message me the questionnaire!

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