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Muscle weakness

I am trying to figure out what is going on with me. Over the past year or so I have begun experiencing multiple symptoms and have gained different diagnosis from doctors that are pretty much fall back diagnosis (they don’t know what’s wrong and can’t prove it to be it or not so just put me in as having this) from bppv to my mensus causing my symptoms.

The first diagnosis was BPPV for dizziness,balance and visual disturbances.
The second was vitamin and iron deficiency but when I went to a hematologists she said I wasn’t deficient.
Went to a gi to see if my stomach pain was causing it and he said it was my mensis causing it ( I’m on bc and it’s very light)
My symptoms are balance, occasional blurred vision, weighted legs, extreme fatigue, crawling sensation when I’m trying to relax, sharp pain behind my left eye that comes and goes, feeling of my bones vibrating on real bad days, my eyes twitch for days on end, I get brain fog frequently, I wake up pale with my hands and feet swollen to the point I have to remove my wedding ring before bed. And a lesion on my liver and gallbladder.
Iv had three ct scans of my abdomin and an ultrasound of my liver, colonoscopy and egt.
Thanks for any help

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