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Muscle cramps and magnesium levells

Have any studies been done that link low magnesium levels in the blood and muscle stiffness or cramps. I notices when I upped my magnesium citrate intake, my muscle stiffness in the morning was minimized.

  1. It may be helpful for reducing muscle spasms but not spasticity/stiffness. I have seen this suggested from 2 different MS neurologists online.
    I do not know of any studies.

    1. I've noted the same. Mg also helps me with my constipation, so another big plus!

      The google machine found this study:

      Granted, it's a sample size of one, so ... LOL

      1. Hi, ! There's been a fair amount of research on the positive effects of magnesium on muscles/muscle cramps. Studies have shown that magnesium intake can definitely help with muscle cramps. Here's one piece from this site that discusses the benefits of magnesium (and other ways to help with muscle spasms) --

        linked one study and there have been at least a few more that I am aware of that cover magnesium and muscle health (like this one -- and this one -- One of the studies focuses more on muscle strength and density, which could affect the level of muscle spasticity a person experiences.

        I am glad upping your magnesium uptake has helped you! That's awesome! It's always nice when the solution for a health problem is relatively easy and inexpensive!

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

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