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My First Summer with MS in Australia

Hi, i live in Australia, and the weather is starting to warm up, cant say im looking forward to summer. My feet already drive me crazy, hot cold hot cold. Any tips?

  1. Hi . Summer heat can sure mess with your MS. Do you have air conditioning in your home? If not, could you buy a room air conditioner and designate a single room as your cooling down space on the worst days? Many people also get relief in the summer from cooling vests and other similar products. Here is an article about them that might interest you: Another member recently posted that she sleeps with soft ice packs wrapped in towels. She noted that they kept her bed cool and comfortable during the worst summer nights. I hope you find you are not as sensitive as some to heat and that you are able to enjoy your first MS summer in Australia. Sending the coolest of wishes your way for a happy and comfortable summer. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. , I think Lori pretty much covered all the basics of staying as cool as possible in the Summer. Does soaking your feet in cool (not cold) water help at all? I don't blame you for looking at the upcoming Summer with a certain amount of dread. And it doesn't help that all of us are facer hotter and hotter summers! I have another article to share with you that offers some 'beat the heat' tips you might find helpful -- Hang in there and may you be blessed with a lovely, mild summer (although I know that may not be too likely 😉 ).

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

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