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i get nauseous through out the is random as to when i feel does not matter what i eat or what i am doing..any thoughts on how combat this nauseouness?

  1. Hi q8vsw1! I am sorry you are experiencing recurring nausea. Sometimes nausea can be caused by the medications used to treat MS symptoms; many of them list nausea as a potential side effect. As far as dealing with the nausea, you can try pinpointing if it is related to medications and then seeing if you can help control the nausea before it starts. You can also try some methods that our members use, like sucking on lollipops or even Preggy Pops (specific lollipops designed for pregnant women dealing with morning sickness). Some people swear by hard candies like lemon drops. Some people also use ginger to combat nausea. Although the tips in this article are geared towards cold and flu season, you might find some of the suggestions applicable to your situation -- And also, if this is a new or worsening symptom for you, please let your doctor know. It's always helpful for medical personnel to have the most complete medical information possible in your file. I hope you get a break from the nausea and please let us know how you are doing, if you feel comfortable doing so. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I was surprised to find that Ginger Ale really did work for me for nausea. I drink about 6 oz and about a half hour later the nausea is gone. Such an easy thing to do and pleasant as well. I never had done much "home remedy" stuff until I had intractable gastric reflux. It kept me from sleeping and doing just about everything else until I discovered Aloevera juice. Again I used about the same amount, 6 oz, and doctored it up a bit with a big spoonful of frozen limeaide glop and a teaspoon of Truvia. It actually tasted pretty good. Again, about 20/30 minutes the reflux was history until the next time. It did go away. I haven't had any symptoms for about 6 mos so far. It was certainly better for me than the usual meds that ruin your ability to absorb calcium. Once again Dr. Google came to the rescue. Wallmart has it for about $ 6.00 a gallon.



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