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How would people describe visual field loss?

I really struggle to explain it! I lost a fair chunk of my right visual field a decade ago and recovered with IV steroids, as well as other symptoms but over the last year or so my vision just doesn’t seem the same. Particularly with lights, I can’t explain it. My eyesight is fine, but my right vision almost seems bright and I feel like I just can’t see the same anymore!?

  1. Hi Gemma Kennedy! Unfortunately, various vision issues can occur with MS, including optic neuritis, phosphenes, vertigo, nystagmus, blurriness, and more!

    In addition to any community input you may receive, I wanted to share some information from our site. Here is a thread where our members discuss their various eye problems -- And here is some basic information on the more common vision issues potentially related to MS --

    Best of luck and thanks for sharing!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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