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Noises really bother me. Does any one else experience this?

  1. Hi! You're not alone! Many of our members experience various forms of sensory overload. And we have tons of articles and conversation surrounding myoclonus, or sound sensitivity. We're glad you're here and we're always here when you need support, information or just a friendly ear. -All Best, Donna ( team)

    1. My hearing has always been good, but MS seems to have made it even more sensitive. Sounds can seem enormously LOUD to me! They can also be downright painful and/or annoying. My neurologist has called this hyperacusis. ( At the same time, I have difficulty distinguishing between different sounds at the same time because my brain can’t seem to differentiate between background noise and what I’m trying to listen to. This makes things like carrying on a conversation while the TV is too loud very difficult.

      1. Absolutely. This is something that has started to happening to me more and more frequently. I startle very easily and loud places can really wear me down. I talk a little more about my experience with it here:

        1. Yes ! I ware hearing aids because of hearing loss. There are times I must completely turn them off and even then I have times when it feels like there is an amplifier in my ears. Very annoying. Also a sudden noise or someone walking up behind me that I don't hear will make me jump out of my skin.

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