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Having trouble describing “symptoms”?

I find it difficult like most to differentiate what is a symptom and what is normal - if I am overanalyzing or if I’ve just got used to something that isn’t “normal”! I find it really difficult and sometimes impossible to understand how to put pieces together, I can’t even make a kinder egg toy with the instructions.

Sensory overload

I sometimes feel like I’m seeing everything out of two different eyes and the eyes can’t put it to one whole picture. Words on pages, putting them in order. Letters in words. Numbers altogether. More than a few people or things around me or happening and I get overwhelmed by sensory overload and can’t compute or think straight!

Visual field

It’s not constant, but over time I’ve had to minimize so much and I just wonder, is that normal?! My visual field I’m not sure fully recovered, it isn’t an issue but as time goes on I find it more difficult to work out how to do anything, even drawing a picture. I can’t seem to understand how to do it! It feels odd and hard to even explain.

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  1. I also get overwhelmed by sensory overload. I feel like I am in the cockpit of a robot when it happens. It's like looking out of a window trying to make the controls of the robot work correctly. It happened recently when I was trying to read a menu. It was just mashed up letters that didn't make any sense. When this happens I try to take a deep breath and focus on one color. I look for, let's say, something blue. I focus on it for a few minutes. When I feel overloaded the stress of it happening can compound the issue. My color focusing is just a way to try and reset. It also works with touch. I carry a bag of trinkets that are fuzzy, squishy, smooth, etc. If I can shift my focus to the comfort item it kind of grounds the overwhelm.
    I make myself crazy overanalyzing my symptoms too. I hope it helps to know you are not alone.

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