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numb foot

when I walk for more than 15 minutes it starts to numb a part of my foot and the last two toes, and I often have some tingling in my foot. does that happen to anyone and what does it do? if it is part of the multiple

  1. Hi . It is not unusual to experience numbness in the feet with MS, but the MS numbness doesn't usually come and go with certain activities. Your numbness might caused by MS, but it could also be due to an injury or damage that is irritating the nerve. I would talk to your neurologist about it, but you might also want to see an orthopedic doctor just in case. I hope you get some feedback from the community. Thinking of you! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. it happens to me when I’m sitting down for like 10 min 😒

      1. Happens to me ALL THE TIME. Any kind of exercise that raises my body temperature and my feet go numb.

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