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Numbness and pins and needle feeling

Hello everyone, I am new hear and have had ms for a while, but chose not to take meds for it as of now. I am currently having a flare up I believe and was prescribed a three day dose of steroids and also gabapentin , I am wondering if anyone has had experience with these, or can tell me your experience with how long the numbness feeling has lasted. I have never had this before, and it's a little scary. I cannot get into a neurologist until next months- so just trying to get some support in the mean time. Thank you!

  1. I have pins and needles the entire day, every day. My feet, legs are the worst of it, but it spreads to my arms, hands, face and so on. Though as I said, the feet and legs are constant, for years. I also have numbness, my feet are always. It does spread up to other parts of my body. Its just a joy. (sarcasm).

    1. Hi Thomas,
      Thank you for sharing your experience with us and our community. You're not alone! If any new or worsening symptoms, we like to encourage our community members to speak with their physician or health team. We appreciate you being a part of our community.
      Meagan, Team Member

  2. Hi sadieschafer and I am so sorry for the delayed response on our part. Numbness and/or tingling is a symptom that many people with MS may experience. While it can be very disconcerting, it seems like you and your physician are pursing appropriate treatment for the issue. Here is some information on numbess and tingling that you might find helpful -- I hope that by now, you are feeling better! As I shared above, these symptoms are fairly common MS symptoms, so many of our members can relate to what you are experiencing. If you haven't already, you can also check out our Facebook community - I hope you are able to get into a neurologist very soon! Please feel free to update us on how you are doing, should you feel comfortable doing so. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Hi my name is Andre I was newly diagnosed with relapsing ms fri it's all overwhelming to me my symptoms have progressed a lot no one cought it been going to doc for 3 years and it was finally spotted but it's so far into it they looked at my MRI results and admitted me was released sun cant get in to see specialist till August 3rd i see my pcp fri I'm still in shock but trying to except it..

      1. Hi Andre sorry to hear you are having a tough time. Getting your diagnosis is bad but also a relief for most since we all have know something wasn't right. I think after having been diagnosed for over 15 years now my best advice to you is first try to relax and then learn. Once you have an official diagnosis from your doctor and go to the neurologist it may not move real quickly. however august seems like a long time. maybe ask your PCP if they can contact neurologist and see if their are any test that you can have done prior to your visit to help get things moving. back to what i said about learn. You need to spend some time reading from legitimate websites like this one about MS and its treatments prior to seeing the neurologist. I will help you to make more informed decisions about medication options. If you have health insurance you can contact your member services and see what information and resources are available thru them as well. good luck to you

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