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Numbness, tightness and now burning sensation

Hello all

I recently had an MS flare up after going 15 years without one and have gotten back on meds (Glatopa) about 3 weeks ago after having been off them for 5 years. My most recent flare up began with numbness in my feet and gradually increased to my calfs and knees. I also had some muscle tightness in my calfs and lower quads. In addition, I also had what my doctor called the "MS Hug" but around my abdomen area. It's been about 8 weeks since I had these symptoms and there has been gradual improvement to the point where my numbness and tightness has almost disappeared. My doctor said that with sensory symptoms, they can almost last 6 months before completely dissipating. More recently as my numbness has started to go away I have started to get a burning sensation (almost like an icy hot sensation) off and on in the same areas that I used to have the numbness. What I can't tell is if this is just typical after the numbness starts to go away or whether I may still be in an active flare state. Anyone have any experience with the burning sensations and did anyone get them after an onset of other symptoms such as numbness? Thanks

  1. Hi . How awesome that you symptoms are starting to alleviate. I hope that trend continues. That icy hot feeling is often a sign that your nerves are a bit confused. Numbness, burning and tingling all fall under the umbrella of paresthesia. Here is an article that explains paresthesia and why it happens: If those sensations became permanent, it might be diagnosed as peripheral neuropathy, which people with MS often experience in their feet and hands. If that is the case and the burning sensation interferes with your quality or life or sleep, there are medications your doctor can prescribe that will help. It is hard to know for sure whether that will be permanent or whether it will dissipate over time. I am no medical expert and hopefully, others will chime in here, but I would take it as a good sign. You nerves are feeling something again. I hope that helps. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Thank you for the info and feedback.

      1. Quick question- when you say numbness and tingling, are we generally referring to:
        A) Randomly going numb with no pressure. (Ie, your walking and feet go numb/tingle)
        B) Going numb easily with light pressure on your hand/feet/leg/arm/etc? (ie, Sitting on a chair and the chair makes your leg numb)

        I have 90% B, but have had a few times with A. I am just curious what you and others experienced.

        Thanks in advance!

        1. . So for me it was a constant numbness and at least in my feet it felt like I was often walking on marbles. I also had muscle tightness in my thighs and lower quad and a constant numbness in a band around my abdomen and back. Fortunately as I mentioned those symptoms have improved tremendously to the point that I only have residual numbness and tingling in a few of my toes which are also drastically better and some residual numbness around my abdomen. What has since happened is that I have started to experience a burning sensation off and on during the day in all the areas I previously had the numbness and tingling and wasn't sure if that was just a symptom of the numbness and tingling dissipating or whether I have an onset of something new.

      2. I am in a similar position. No real symptoms for the last 15 years. I started up running at the end of last year and 1km in my calf hurt (like a cramp) so I walked and it improved a little but the residual pain was still there. I thought it was a calf problem and saw a physio but since then have woken with sore calf muscles (both sides) then walking on marbles, tingles and pins and needles in my feet and hand, muscle pain in quads and calves and a sore lower back some mornings. Now there is a burning sensation in my legs. Waiting for a new MRI in 3 weeks to see if it’s a full flare up/new lesion. My neurologist seemed to think the muscle pain is not related….. but I question that.

        1. You know your body better than anyone, . I hope you get some answers from the MRI and that treatment helps. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

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