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What are others' experience after one year on Ocrevus?

I have had MS for 25 years and prior to Ocrevus was on Aubagio. Symptoms deteriorated so switched to Ocrevus, symptoms now significantly worse. Has anyone had a similar experience?

  1. Hi , while you;re waiting for responses from the community, I thought I would share a couple of articles which may be helpful:
    My First Ocrevus InfusionOcrevus: Dialogue Between Two Neurologists
    Some of the experience shared is sparse, but you may be able to share some questions with the authors.

    I hope that helps! - Warmly, Donna ( team)

    1. Hi Maggie,

      I’ve had MS for 25 years as well. I hate Ocrevus!!! My symptoms are getting worse as well. I have been on Ocrevus for almost 2 years. Having a lot of issues and wish I never tried it.

      1. Nico, thank you for your reply. Saw my neurologist yesterday who finally agreed that not only is Ocrevus not working but my symptoms are now worse than they were two years ago. I agree with you and wish I had never tried it. I’m looking at Mavenclad or Mayzent. What are you thinking about next?

    2. Hi Maggie
      Reading your post has helped me think twice about agreeing to start with Ocrevus. My neurologist took me off of Techfidera and said my options were either to not take any meds or Ocrevus?

      Im really so so confused
      Help with your experience with Ocrevus

      Thank you so much

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