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Ocrevus vs. Tecfidera – have you been treated with them and had any side effects?

I was recently in the hospital, went thru all of my testing, did a spinal tap - no bands but high igg levels showing inflammation, only one flare-up and lesions in two of four areas typical in MS. I went for two opinions, both said they can't technically diagnose me yet but they believe it is but since I have no bands and only one flare up they cant yet.

Side effects of Ocrevus vs. Tecfidera

The first specialist wanted to start me on Ocrevus, which his idea is since I am young and it's early on, treat it most aggressively. Ocrevus has PML and possibly cancer and breast cancer side effects which scared me but I was told for PML very low and for breast cancer if in genes and that's why need to get screenings. Also concerned that it's only from 2017 so side effects not really known but I believe they said it is 80-85% effective and the other option for me was Tecfidera. They said I believe 50-60% effective, side effects PML but also low, can be flushing, low blood count, and liver enzymes I believe.

What are others' experiences?

I was wondering if you know about them or anyone on them and how they have worked? Any side effects and if you wouldn't mind telling me what you are on and if it has worked for you? At this point I believe I need to start some treatment because the lesions are there, I had that numbness in right side of mouth and face and feel the tiredness and heat sensitivity and I was told many times catching it early makes the medicines work better. I feel like doing nothing I can have a flare-up which could have a lasting effect that may not go away which is scary to me.

Wondering your input as well. Was also thinking of getting a third opinion. First, dr was older MS specialist, 25+ years, said Ocrevus aggressive approach. Second dr just began practicing a few years and said do nothing if it were him, Tecfidera. I appreciate your time and any information is greatly appreciated.

  1. Hi

    1. , an excellent resource that discusses your questions is Aaron Boster MD, who has made numerous videos about MS and its treatments on youtube. Go to the search box there and type: Aaron Boster Ocrevus. You'll see a bunch of videos pop up that address the most effective DMDs, Ocrevus, Tysabri, Tecfidera, Lemtrada, Gilenya, and a host of related discussions. I've learned more about MS and its treatments from Dr. Boster than from the whole MS online (and off-line) community combined.

      On a personal note, I've been on Tecfidera for the past six years. After a year on Tysabri and six on Tecfidera--both of which carry the risk of PML--I have no worries about getting the infection. You have to be JCV positive to be at risk, and even then the risk is quite low. A recent test for the JC Virus was negative. Some people switch to a drug that has no PML risk when they test positive, but many stay on those at-risk drugs if they are effective at stabilizing the patient's disease course. It's a personal choice.

      The only side effects I've experienced from Tecfidera are flushing and tingling. But, bear in mind that everyone experiences these drugs differently. Some suffer digestive problems and worse.

      Dr. Boster favors aggressively treating the new patient and discusses why in one of his videos. I hope you'll spend time watching those, you'll learn so much. In the end, you'll have the last word about whatever treatment plan is chosen. Remember that nothing is written in stone. You can change your mind and your treatment at any time.

      1. thank you very much!!

    2. I have been on ocrevus for about 3 years and had no side affects only good effects feel more energetic. I have taken many of the MS drugs and the best for me has been Ocrevus.
      Hope this helps you and remember when you are in battle you want to take everything available to win.

      1. Thank you for sharing what has helped you, ! Best, Christina, Team

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