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How to overcome fatigue?

After being diagnosed approx 20 years ago, fatigue never bothered me and I was able to get around as normal i.e., swimming, cycling, and walking even when I was working. Now at the age of 67, I am finding I need to rest a lot more and would quite easily stay in bed rather than get out of bed which I do. Is there a solution, please?


  1. Hi , for a lot of folks, fatigue is one of the worst symptoms MS, it's also one that, unless you've experienced it, you can't quite understand it. There are some methods which are helpful to some and it's really a matter of trying different things and figuring out what works for you. Some people benefit from occupational and physical therapy, where they learn techniques to do certain tasks in ways that help them conserve more energy. Some people benefit from learning more about what triggers their symptoms (example, warm temps can often bring symptoms to the forefront for some people, learning to avoid them can be helpful). Some people also benefit from having a sleep study done, to ensure that their sleep is actually sound and restful. Others benefit from medications like Adderall, Amantadine, and Provigil. So there are some options out there, all with effectiveness that varies from person to person. It's something you should certainly mention to your MS specialist as they should be able set you on the right course to try any of these methods. Best of luck to you. Fatigue can be crippling and it's the very worst symptom for so many people.

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