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Overwhelming fatigue

Even years before my abnormal brain MRI, I started to notice that I was becoming overwhelmingly fatigued during the day. I would wake up....after a decent night's sleep...TIRED. My husband would say "You just slept all night, why are you tired??" I would not mind the fatigue so much except that I cannot "nap." No matter how tired I am or where I am (even in bed, with earplugs in and room darkened). I used to be able to fall asleep in my recliner and regenerate in the afternoon or evening. I cannot nap now and I am more fatigued than ever. Is this normal with MS? I know the fatigue is normal but why can't I nap anymore? It takes me a little while to fall asleep at night but nothing extreme and I sleep fairly well until morning. Is there something I can take (natural supplement) to help alleviate the fatigue during the day? I am not sitting around all day and have tons of stuff to so but would like to have enough energy to get it done!

  1. Hi, ! First, I am sorry you are experiencing crippling fatigue and an inability to nap. Have you discussed your fatigue with your physician? While it is normal to experience fatigue with MS, you may want to make sure something else isn't causing the problem. Here's some basic information on fatigue -- And I thought you might find this piece interesting, especially the dozens of member comments following the end of the article -- And here's one more article on managing MS fatigue --

    None of this information directly answers you two questions about why you can't nap and if there's any supplement that may help with the fatigue. I can't truly answer the "why can't I nap" question because I just don't know. And, any tips and tricks you may read here should always be run by your doctor, just to be safe. There are some medications that can potentially help with fatigue and those are mentioned in the first and third link I shared.

    I hope this information is helpful for you AND that you find a solution that works for you!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Thanks, Erin!!! I will make sure to discuss this with my family doctor or neurologist (if she takes over my care regarding the brain issues). I appreciate the links, too, and will check them out!! πŸ™‚

  2. LoriJo have you change you diet at all? I find my fatigue disappears when I alter my diet and comes back if I come off it. It's a simple change that can help a lot.

    1. Thanks for your response! This has been building up for a few years now...way before I had my "abnormal" brain MRI. I did develop a whole lotta adult onset food and additive allergies in late 2014, after an antibiotics I took destroyed my gut flora,, and had to change my diet then because of reacting to so many things I could eat before. Certain cheeses, milk, anything with carrageenan in it, most alcohol 😠, almost all dairy, green peppers (weird), and a lot of proteins and additives. I also can no longer eat much chocolate or sweets. It SEEMS as if I am eating healthier yet feel so much more fatigued. Do you have any suggestions of foods that would help reduce the fatigue? Thanks for encouraging me to think about helps me to put the puzzle pieces together.

  3. *changed

    1. Can you give me a list of what a typical week of food and drink is for you. Try not to leave anything out. Even something small.

      My experience and from talking to others with MS there might be a few food/drink items where we differ but there will be a lot of foods that match that make MS more active/worse.

      I haven't figured out every food/drink i react to yet but I've worked out a few so keep a food diary for the week and post it up and I'll try to help.

      Fatigue is an issue for me if my diet strays but its not if I stick to it. I've had MS for 27 years and touch wood remain active working physically 6 days a week and generally keeping up and about.

      1. Craig...your reply was timely and very much appreciated! Yesterday I received an MS Pain and Symptom Tracker journal I had ordered. I have not looked inside it yet but evidently there is a field for food intake. Did not know that when I ordered it! I am going to start it today. Now I feel some hope breaking through the fatigue! 😁 I hope you don't mind if I "consult" with you as I keep the journal and make possible connections to the fatigue? It is very encouraging to me how well you are doing after 27 years of MS!! πŸ‘

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